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Congratulations to Our May 2022 Patient of the Month!

Keys Animal Care Center would like to express our sincerest congratulations to our May 2022 Patient of the Month, Sadie Maddox! Below are some photos of Sadie and some information about her, as written by her amazing owners:

Sadie Maddox, Blue Heeler AKA Australian Cattle Dog (age 13), is the daughter of Joe and Natalie Maddox of Big Coppitt, FL. After Sadie was born in Alabama and fully potty trained by her fur Mom, she took her first flight at 8 weeks old with her new parents and became an island girl and later a patient of Dr. Humphries and her fabulous team. We have followed Dr. Humphries wherever she went.

Sadie was born with huge ears, which we often wondered if she would ever grow into. Those little radars are just right; especially for hearing whistles, directions, wildlife, and the rattle of treat containers/wrappers. Sadie is very partial to treats with blueberries and Greenies.

Sadie has a variety of interests including: playing Frisbee, playing fetch, tug-of-war, riding the motorcycle, snuggling, traveling, getting the spa treatment (she loves a bath), and monitoring her home and family. As Sadie has aged, she has developed macular degeneration and is completely blind as well as partially deaf and has lost some of her mobility. Although she has retired from Frisbee and fetch she still enjoys other activities and has ingeniously adapted to her physical changes. We truly believe that Sadie can count. Her sense of smell and touch are amazing. Doc and her team love our Sadie and provide the best of care to Sadie and support to her mom and dad.

Congratulations again, Sadie! Thank you to the Maddox family for allowing us to care for this special gal.

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