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February 2022 Patients of the Month!!

Congratulations to our February 2022 Patients of the Month, Jabba and Charlie Strickland! Below, you will find some photos of the boys and information about these two fantastic feline friends, as written by their mom, Andrea.

"I adopted Jabba the Cat, formerly known as Fuzzy, from the Florida Keys SPCA in 2012. A couple years later, when the other house cat moved away with his human, Jabba was lonely. So, back to the SPCA I went and was introduced to Charlie by the shelter staff. Charlie had been adopted out and returned for behavior issues, but he was such a cuddly love bug I knew we could figure it out. In February of 2014 Charlie came home with us to his 3rd and fur-ever home. We worked on learning the difference between a toy and a toe; he mostly gets it now.

Jabba and Charlie quickly became friends and brothers. They both get excited when their humans get packages in the mail because it always means they get a new box! It doesn’t matter the size of the box, they are convinced they will fit. They enjoy short walks on the balcony, where they can keep an eye on all the activity in the neighborhood. Charlie especially likes to meow to his friends below. These Keys Cats have also become quite the road trippers, travelling through 12 states up and down the east coast. Jabba likes to pose for photos at the state welcome signs, and put his paws on the ground in each state. His humans try to make it happen.

I am grateful for the wonderful care both Jabba and Charlie receive from the staff at the Keys Animal Care Center. With your support and care they will discover many more boxes, and maybe get to visit a 13th state!"

Thank you to the Strickland family for taking such great care of these two handsome boys. Congrats again, from your friends at Keys Animal Care Center!

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