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Ultrasound Continuing Education

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

On Friday, August 9, Dr. Humphries and her team participated in an ultrasound presentation to integrate their new machine and to learn about all the wonderful things they can do with this equipment.

Keys Animal Care Center, Key West Veterinarian, Dog, Ultrasound
Dr. Holly Humphries performs an ultrasound on a canine bladder.

At Keys Animal Care Center some of the things our veterinarians can quickly and efficiently use the new ultrasound equipment for are to evaluate your pet’s abdomen for the presence of free fluid, abdominal masses, organ size and architecture, as well as assessing your pet’s bladder for the presence of urine, masses, or stones.

Dr. Holly Humphries, Keys Animal Care Center, Key West Veterinarian, Dogs
Dr. Holly Humphries practices ultrasound technique with our new equipment.

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