October 2021

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Meet our Patient of the Month for October!

“Spurgeon Lucas Llama is a 5-year-old English Bull Terrier. He was born on July 10, 2016, to Sir Charles (dad) and Runamuk Mad Hatter (mom). We bought him from a breeder in Lakeland, FL. when he was 8 weeks old, weighing 7 lbs., now 70! Spurgeon is extremely loving and loyal. He is very committed (stubborn) and has a one-track mind. He dislikes loud noises and plain dog food. He has a deep respect for cats and mother hens. He thinks he is a 10lb lap dog and will snuggle under the covers when he is cold and tired. He loves children and thinks he is one. His best friend and “cousin” is my 6 year old nephew that shares the same middle name, Lucas. When he gets over excited, he gets “twitches” and spins in circles and runs up and down the house! Our lives have not been the same since he has been a part of our family and we are grateful to the Lord for allowing him to be a part of our lives.”