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What Happens during the First Visit to an Animal Clinic?


When you first visit an animal clinic in Key West, FL, it helps to know what to expect. Hopefully, your first vet will be for routine stuff such as wellness checkups and vaccinations and not for a major issue.

Your pet will be weighed and the veterinarian will listen to the lungs and heart with a stethoscope. The vet will take your pet’s temperature and examine their ears, eyes, nose, and feet, along with the skin and coat.

You may want to discuss the pet’s history and ask any questions you have about feeding, medical issues, future care, and things such as spaying and neutering. During the visit, if you are going home with any treatments or medications, make sure you understand how and when they should be given. Follow directions and schedule any follow up vaccinations and visits.

Bring any paperwork, such as medical records from the rescue or breeder, so the vet can put these in your file.

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