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Myths about Cat Boarding


Many people think they don’t need cat boarding in Key West, FL, and that their cat will be fine left alone for a few days. However, it can be hard to ensure they have enough food and water and being alone can be stressful for a cat. Cat boarding can be a great option and these myths aren’t true.

My Cat Won’t Enjoy Being in a Cage: Many reputable cat boarding facilities understand the cat’s comfort and won’t place cats in cages.

It Will Be Too Loud for the Cat: Reputable boarding facilities won’t put dogs and cats together. While they may hear some barking, it won’t be anything different than what they would hear at home.

My Cat Doesn’t Like Other Cats: Unless the owner requests that cats board together, cats aren’t boarded with other cats.

My Cat Will Catch a Disease: Cats aren’t boarded together so they can’t interact. Vaccination requirements will reduce or eliminate the possibility of diseased animals in the facility.

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