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Dog Boarding for the First Time


If this is the first time you will be boarding your pet, here are some things you should know:

Make an Appointment:

It helps the kennel or vet know when you will be dropping off and picking up your dog. Respect the hours of operation and drop off your dog during the time frame. If you are running late, be sure to call.

Pack Your Dog’s Favorite Items:

This includes the bed, blanket, or toys. If you are worried your pup will miss you when boarding, leave a worn T-shirt. The shirt will smell like you and your pet will be able to cuddle up with it. Don’t go overboard with packing.

Bring Your Own Food and Treats: This is important if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Bring enough for the entire dog boarding stay. Leave instructions on how much your dog gets and what times he or she eats.

Don’t Worry So Much: Your dog will have a good time and will be making plenty of new friends.

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