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The Pros and Cons of At Home Pet Care


If you have planned the perfect vacation, you still need to figure out pet care. There are options for care while you are away but your pet may benefit from at home pet care.

The pros of at home care include making your pet more comfortable since he or she is staying at home. It also helps maintain a normal routine to relieve some anxiety while you are gone. Being in a secure and safe environment will keep your pet at ease. You will have focused attention for your pet and they will remain cared for and have some exercise.

The cons of at home pet care may be that you pet may miss you unless you choose the right pet setter. Prices can be higher than boarding your pet. If you have security cameras and a pet sitter that is willing to video chat with you, you may be able to schedule some time to ensure that you pet is being well taken care of while you are away.

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