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Congratulations to our January 2022 Patient of the Month!

We are so excited to announce the first Keys Animal Care Center Patient of the Month for 2022: Dexter Fowler! Below are some photos and biography written by Dexter's mom, Shelby.

"Dexter was at the Virginia Beach SPCA as a transfer from Emporia, VA with no back story other than he was the next one to be euthanized. He wasn’t available for adoption the day that I saw him because he hadn’t been neutered yet, but they told me to come back in a week and I did just that. As I approached Dexter's kennel he had a cone on his head, but he was so excited to see me like he had known me his whole life. I did a meet and greet as required and knew that he was going home with me.

In September 2019 I noticed that he had unexplained weight gain and little to no energy. After 4 different appointments at the same clinic over a period of 4 months with the same answer “everything looks normal, just make sure you cut back on food and treats” I knew I had to look for a second opinion. Over the course of those 4 months he ended up gaining over 50 pounds had no interest in going on walks, going to the dog park, had lost a lot of his hair and wasn’t excited to see me when I came home from work anymore.

January 2020 I took him to see Dr. Humphries and her staff at Keys Animal Care Center and it became his turning point. Dexter was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism the moment Dr. Humphries looked at him, but of course blood work was completed for confirmation. The results came back just as expected with his thyroid not working at all, so he was started on medicine immediately. Just 2 months later in March, Dexter was a different dog that was on the long road back to his normal self.

Fast forward to December 2021. Dexter has lost close to 30 pounds, is full of energy, can complete the obstacle course at Truman Waterfront Dog Park, loves riding in the Jeep, is always ready to chase a ball, and was recently crowned Prince at the 8th Annual Parade of Paws.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for Dr. Humphries and her level of knowledge as a Veterinarian. I know he isn’t the only one out there with it, but I will always be his biggest advocate and share his story to help other animals that have this horrible autoimmune disorder.

Attached are a few pictures of him. The first one is before his thyroid gave up, second and third are during his 4 month process of looking for answers, the fourth and following pictures are of him after 2 years of medicine, exercise, love, and a strict diet.

Thank you so much for choosing him as the pet of the month for Keys Animal Care Center; it truly means a lot to me.

- Shelby"

Congratulations, Dexter! We love you and are so happy about your amazing progress!

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