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July 2022 Patients of the Month!

Keys Animal Care Center would like to express our sincerest congratulations to our July 2022 Patients of the Month, Sir Biscuit and Mr. Butters Moore! Below are some photos and bios of these two very handsome boys:

From Sir Biscuit: "I’m Sir Biscuit. 4.5 years ago, my mommy picked me up in Lake City, Florida and brought me home and made me a Key West Cavalier! No big deal or anything, but I’m the reason there are FIVE other Cavaliers in mommy’s family. Unlike my little brother, I LOVE the beach. I chase waves and collect treasure (pieces of coral) all along the way. While I’ll do anything for a treat, my mommy says I am not the best listener. But, I just can’t help it! There are too many distractions on this island - iguanas, chickens, cigarette butts… Anyway, I know she still loves me and my brother more than anything in the world (I mean, she tells me like a million times a day), even when I can’t control my licker."

From Mr. Butters: "I’m Mr. Butters - the sweetest, most handsome Black & Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in all the land, or so my mommy says. I am the happiest when I am laying on your lap or being held like a baby. Not only am I the sweetest 3 year old you’ll ever meet, but I am smart and a very good listener, unlike my big brother. Bacon is my favorite food (shhh, don’t tell Dr. Humphries) and hunting lizards is my favorite activity. I have FOUR other Cavalier cuzzies and a big brother that I love to annoy and snuggle with when he lets me."

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