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March 2022 Patient of the Month!

Congratulations to our March 2022 Patient of the Month, Cole Inman! Below, you will find some information about the beautiful girl pictured above, as written by her owners, Renee and Dagmar Inman. "Cole came into our lives just days before everything shut down due to COVID-19. She was Pirate Radio Dog of the Day the previous year in 2019. I liked their post on Facebook and it popped up as a memory. Having just lost my dog of 13 years a month prior, she seemed like fate. I jokingly said if she's still in ‘jail’ (KWSPCA) I'm taking her home. She was, in fact, still there. She was there for 20 months. I set up a meet and greet the next day. However, we were informed she already had a pending application but they would allow me to meet her anyway. I fell in love at first sight. She was a little rough at first, but quickly warmed up. I quickly learned she likes to pretend she's a tough girl. I left that afternoon sad that I would not be able to adopt her as there was another family that beat me to her. Imagine that: 20 months in jail and suddenly two people want you. The following day, to my surprise, the dog trainer contacted me and wanted to do another meet and greet. After meeting my wife and I, she determined we were a better fit for Cole. "It was clear she was used for breeding and had a rough life prior to us adopting her. Her teeth were rough, she was a tad overweight (but who isn't). Due to COVID-19, my previous veterinary office was not seeing new patients. After noticing some bumps and lumps on Cole, I decided it was time. Dr. Humphries came highly recommended by several friends. We made an appointment for routine check up and shots. While checking the bumps and lumps the doctor determined surgery was necessary. They quickly scheduled the surgery. The entire staff seemed to have a weak spot for Cole. Everyone treats her like their own. Since her surgery we visit often for allergies, eye issues, and whatnot. I think Cole just likes the attention. "Now, Cole’s days consist of riding in the car with me, walking along the beach, eating too many treats, and sleeping on the couch. Sleeping seems to be her favorite hobby. Our goal now is just to make her as happy as possible for, hopefully, a long time. It has almost been two years since she came into our family and we have enjoyed every day with her. "We cannot thank the entire staff and Keys Animal Care Center enough. They truly treat Cole as one of their own, seeing past her little growls and all." Thank you to the Inman family for taking such great care of sweet Cole. Congrats again, from your friends at Keys Animal Care Center! TOP

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