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No jokes here; it's time for the April 2023 patient of the month!

We are excited to announce the April 2023 patient of the month, the one and only Tiger Stamenic!! Below are some photos of the distinguished little gentleman, along with a brief bio written by his fantastic owner. "Tiger is a 15 year old brown Chihuahua I adopted in June of 2012 from the Key West SPCA. I had to give him a big name for such a small little guy. Tiger may be little in size but he has a huge personality! When he was younger, he really loved going on bike rides and running around. Cuddles, blankets, and comfy beds are now his favorite things. His brother is a cat named Neptune, who loves him very much. Tiger is one lucky boy and has so many “aunts and uncles” that love him so deeply. As most fur babies do, he has way too many nicknames, such as Tiggy, El Tigre (given by his Uncle Heath), Tiger Prince (given by neighbor Janet), and many, many more."

Thank you to the Stamenic family for trusting us with the care of this spunky little guy, and congratulations to Tiger on being chosen as the April 2023 Patient of the Month!

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