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Now Presenting... Our May 2023 Patients of the Month!

We are excited to announce the May 2023 patients of the month, Stella and Cheeca Rogers! Below are some photos of the girls and a brief bio written by their fantastic owner.

"This is Stella, the 8-year-old Italian Greyhound (grey and white), and Cheeca, the cheeky 9-month-old Whippet puppy (brindle and white). These girls love living the island life! Swimming, sandbar trips, jet skiing, and paddleboarding are just a few of their favorite things to do in Key West. Although they love their adventures, people often call sighthounds "35 mph couch potatoes," and these girls certainly earn that nickname. When they run, they run FAST, but they also know how to relax and unwind. When Stella and Cheeca are not out on an adventure or running and romping in the yard, they enjoy lounging around for hours at a time."

Thank you to the Rogers family for trusting us with the care of these two gorgeous girls, and congratulations to Stella and Cheeca on being chosen as the May 2023 Patients of the Month!

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