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Summer is here, and so are the June 2023 Patients of the Month!

We are excited to announce the June 2023 patients of the month, Bella Beauty and Bowie Beast Lloyd! Below are some photos of these two adorable bulldogs and a brief bio written by their fantastic owner.

"Bella and Bowie are two bullies who do everything opposite of each other. Bella takes her time when she eats and Bowie inhales every meal like it's his last. Bella likes to be outside as much as possible chasing lizards & birds and Bowie is more of an indoor, AC-cooled kind of player, who prefers to play fetch in the house. No matter how these two differ, they're a pack and love each other nonetheless!"

Thank you to the Lloyd family for trusting us with the care of these two bouncing bulldogs, and congratulations to Bella and Bowie on being chosen as the June 2023 Patients of the Month!

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