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August 2022 Patient of the Month!

Keys Animal Care Center would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to the August 2022 Patient of the Month, Casper Schwarz! Below are some photos of this sweet and social boy, along with a brief bio written by his humans:

"Casper is 4 years old and was rescued from a shelter 3 years ago after living alone on Long Beach island, New Jersey. This handsome boy was adopted by Arthur Schwarz and Gail Murray of Key West. He trained his parents well and to provide fresh water from the tap and milk every morning with breakfast. Casper plays well with dogs, cats and children and makes friends easily. Casper loves going back to New Jersey to visit for the summer. Keys Animal Care Center is his favorite place to stay when his parents are traveling. His parents are blessed to have him in the family!" Congratulations to Casper, and thank you to his family for trusting us with his care! Sincerely, Your friends at Keys Animal Care Center

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