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June 2022 Patient of the Month!

Keys Animal Care Center would like to express our sincerest congratulations to our June 2022 Patient of the Month, Skyy Thomas! Below are some photos of Skyy and some information about her, as written by her family:

"Born in Key West, to the Valdez Pack, Skyy is a 5th generation Conch husky and celebrating her Sweet Sixteen birthday this month.

Skyy was born in 2006 and has lived most of her life in Key West, with a brief stint in Maryland. In 2010, Skyy tore her ACL and never fully recovered. After many therapy attempts, medications, and difficult conversations, we decided to move forward with amputating her leg in order to give her the best shot of being pain free for the first time in almost 8 years.

In 2018, Dr. Humphries removed Skyy's right rear leg and she has thrived ever since. There is no doubt in my mind that that is what has given us these extra golden years with our Sweet Skyy Girl. In 2018 Skyy also became a big sister when we adopted Misha. Skyy adjusted well by ignoring her and continuing to pretend as if she is an only child.

In her 16 years, Skyy has swam in The Florida Keys, explored Baltimore and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she's rolled in deer poop, taken un-ticketed rides on the Conch Tour Train, she's slept on the corner of the Shanna Key bar, and had breakfast at Pepe's. Skyy has had tomahawk steak from Prime 951 and bacon from Keys Coffee Company. She's been a real estate assistant, an office favorite, a road trip sidekick, and and the cutest swimming husky you ever did see. She loves squeaky tennis balls, playing fetch (which has turned into ground balls for grandma) laying in the sun, being outside, swimming, exploring, and smiling."

Congratulations, Skyy, and happy Sweet Sixteen! Thank you to Skyy's family for trusting us with this special girl's care.

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