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FKSPCA Critter Camp

Dr. Humphries made an appearance at the FKSPCA Summer Critter Camp. She had a ball spending time with this group of eager learners. Dr. Humphries discussed basic animal care such as bathing, ear cleaning, and the necessity of monthly heartworm/flea/tick preventatives. She also demonstrated a canine physical exam and taught the participants how to listen to the very friendly patient's heart. The participants learned a lot, and a good time was had by all. Dr. Humphries is grateful to the team at FKSPCA for the invitation to speak today, and looks forward to partnering with them in the future for the health and well being of all the pets in Key West. #FKSPCA #rescuedogs #rescuecats #listentotheheart #adopt #sharingiscaring #openingsoon #keysanimalcarecenter

Veterinarian, Key West Pets, FKSPCA, Dogs, Veterinary Clinic Big Coppit, Keys Animal Care Center
Dr. Holly Humphries speaking to the FKSPCA Critter Camp attendees on July 19, 2019
Veterinarian, Keys Animal Care Center, Dogs, FKSPCA, Key West Pets, Veterinary Clinic Big Coppit Key
Dr. Humphries has participants listen to the friendly patient's heart.

Veterinarian, FKSPCA, Dog, Key West Pets, Veterinary Clinic Big Coppit, Keys Animal Care Center
Dr. Humphries at the 2019 FKSPCA Critter Camp

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